Be patient, your book is in the mail!

Whew.  I’ve spent the past two days doing what is known in the mail order business as “order fulfillment.” That is, actually making sure the merchandise gets out the door – the merchandise in this case being copies of “Wet Goddess.”  I’ve shipped 29 in the past two days and I still have 28 more to go!  I haven’t even caught up completely with the orders that came in on the 23rd yet!

Of course, I just got the books yesterday (it being early morning Sept. 29 as I write this).  Sandman Books, a local bookstore that has placed WG on eBay, got 17 copies, four of them dedicated. (All the copies that are self-published go out autographed, just as a way of thanking my readers.)

One copy went by very expensive overnight mail to an editor at a large, New York publishing house.  I can’t say which one because they haven’t made a commitment yet, but you’d recognize their name in an instant.  I am really waiting eagerly to hear back from them.  It’s not just a question of whether they like a manuscript, because I also designed WG to be what I call a “concept” book.  It makes liberal use of photos, which is unusual for a novel.  Possibly even unique.  And the captions for the photos sort of act like a Greek chorus to the text, which is quite serious in places.  In other places, the photos don’t show the park so much as they amplify the mood of the text.

I’m exhausted, and I have to end this now, so let me close with a plea to those of you who may have come here looking for an explanation as to why your order was late: I got caught with my pants down.  Well, it wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last, either.  Just hang tight, and your book will be along shortly.

UPDATE – as of the morning of Sept. 29, I am caught up with all orders from Sept. 23 and 24.  Thanks for your patience!  I hope to have all orders up to date by Friday, Sept. 30 and will hopefully be able to keep up with the demand after that.

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  2. I just love that headline. It’s so good, it makes me wish I’d written it myself.

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