Author makes news in Hindustan

PUNTA GORDA – Normally a shy, retiring figure dressed in odd scraps of old clothing, author Malcolm J. Brenner awoke Monday morning to realize that his hitherto-cult novel “Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover,” had gone viral.

“Hell, it even made the Hindustan Times.  How much more far out can you get than that?” Brenner exclaimed in astonishment.  “I had to write them quickly and assure them that no kissing was involved, in order not to offend everyone on the subcontinent.”

Brenner read 833 comments about coverage of his novel on the Huffington Post’s web page.  “From the tone of those comments, you’d think I’d opened the floodgates of Hell,” Brenner said, “rather than just describing how a close, personal relationship developed between two warm-blooded mammals.  I mean, I haven’t even gone outside my biological class here.  It’s not like I had sex with an amphibian or an invertebrate, so what’s all the fuss about?”

Brenner moved to correct several errors in press reports.

“The novel is in its fifth printing,” he said.  “I’ve sold around 250 paperback copies and around 50 e-books.”

“Furthermore, I did not have sex with the dolphin for the full nine months of the relationship, as some sources have reported.  I kind of wish I had, because she was certainly up for it,” Brenner added, “but I was too focused at the time on trying to be normal, which is hard on a relationship like that.”’s-sexual-relationship-with-dolphin/








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  1. FROM NORWAY says: OMG! you can’t be normal.. this is ugly

  2. I only said I was TRYING to be normal, I didn’t say I actually SUCCEEDED!

    As for whether it is ugly… that, my dear, is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. Andrew Randrianasulu says:

    I only read thru first 13 or so sub-pages of comments on Huffingtonpost … For one moment i beleived you referenced _another_ dolphin named Dolly, who was ex-Navy dolphin and also lived in Florida. But she lived for quite long time? ….. “1960’s. Dolly (female) – Atlantic bottlenose dolphin released by US Navy near Key West, Florida following unreported length of time in captivity (Lockyer, 1990). No followup occurred, but this dolphin was reported for many years to be sociable with people in the Florida Keys.” – src, as you can imagine –

    Oddly enough Dal and Suwa (whose gender probably swapped in this report) were seen (and used?) by Diana Reiss back then ,,, according to her book .

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