My second 15 minutes of fame

Clearwater Marine Aquairum, Fla.

As most of you reading this probably know by now I was interviewed by Bubba the Love Sponge this morning, let myself be dragged off the topic of dolphins into other species (which I had promised myself I would not let happen) and hung up on the shit head and his partner Manson after one of them – I think it was Manson – called me “a sick son-of-a-bitch.”

I’ve put up with plenty of abuse in my life, I don’t need to take any more, especially from someone with the intellectual capacity of spinach.

I have to thank Dave Farrier of NZ3 for re-breaking the story yesterday.  Why it took him so long I don’t know, I sent him those clips (which a friend filmed with my video camera) like a year ago, shortly after the story broke the first time in April of 2010.  In effect, by delaying the release of his program, Farrier has given me a second “15 minutes of fame.”

Bubba’s interview has set in motion a chain of events which I, like Muad-Dib in the spice-trance, confronting the manifold futures of Arrakis, cannot predict.  This is a personal event horizon for me.  There’s no going back.

One of the events I could have foreseen was losing the client I’ve had for the past 5 years, a local magazine which has regularly published my photography and writing.  Apparently several astute readers had recognized the me on Bubba, talking about banging my bitch (albeit unwillingly), as being the same person as the one who wrote those stylish, clever articles everybody liked so much.  So I’m fired, and I’ve lost my primary source of income.

Then there was the phone “denial of service” attack, which required me to change numbers, but the less said about that the better.

The good news is, SALES ARE UP!  I’ve sold 13 copies in the past 12 hours, which is more than in the previous month!


Apparently SOME people are willing to hear my message, bless ’em!  I’m ordering another press run of 50.  Wish I could do 100 but I’ve got to make this paycheck stretch.  Only the gods know when I’ll be getting another one… and from whom.

Stay tuned, I will try to update this blog on a daily basis until such time as things settle down.  I have to go to bed soon as I have three interviews to do in the morning tomorrow… if they can still get through to me!

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  1. Aqua Maverick says:


    I heard your interview with Bubba yesterday and it was the first time I had heard of you and your book. Because of that interview and some fairly extensive research about you on the interwebs, I will probably purchase a copy of the book, as I am left with a rather unexplainable desire to understand more about this relationship you had with Ruby.

    Clearly you must have anticipated the reaction of the majority of the country towards this, yet you chose to go forward with the publication of it anyway. That, in and of itself, it what puzzles me more than anything else. Being brought up in a conservative, Christian home, one would think I’d be instantly appalled – yet I was intrigued. I commonly find myself swimming in the exact opposite direction of the rest of main stream USA when it comes to conservative Christian views. Had I been brought up in another environment, I’d probably be a starving, tree hugging humanitarian (and probably happier IRL). But, alas, we (CC’s)strive to please our parents, don’t we? It’s what we’re taught. Pffft!

    Your one mistake yesterday was getting “off topic” and revealing other encounters, of which were of no relevance to your book promotion interview with Bubba. He’s good at that though. All local radio stations are – they pander to the crowd for laughs. Keep this in mind when people are interviewing you and just try to stay focused on that passion for the book!

    You seem like a very genuinely nice person, and your blogs are very heartfelt. I hope things look up for you and your book sales soar. As an avid reader of Paranormal novels, often stories about human/werewolf or human/vampire or human/alien love affairs and marriages, I say, “Why the hell not?”

    Love and peace to you brother. You have spunk! Here’s to hoping I find a little of that myself.

  2. Alex says:

    I saw you mentioned in two Gawker articles yesterday,
    and in one at the Huffington Post in their book column!
    Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the nice thoughts and interesting analysis of your own motivations. I certainly don’t think one has to be a zoophile oneself to be interested in reading a novel about a person’s encounter with a non-human partner. In fact the media accounts have over-emphasized the sex in my book at the expense of the other themes. Well, what did I expect?

    Yes I did let Rover roam a little bit, that was a mistake I usually try harder to control but the interview had seemed to be going unusually well up to that point. I mean for Bubba the freaking love sponge, after all, or “Sponge Bubba square pants,” as my friend Cay calls him. I made it on the air what, 10 minutes before they got insulting?

    Here’s something I never told Bubba either: when that call came I had just gotten out of a shower! I was talking to him sitting on my porch in my birthday suit!

  4. journey says:


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  5. architektura says:


    […]My second 15 minutes of fame « Wet Goddess: Blog[…]…

  6. gamekey says:


    […]My second 15 minutes of fame « Wet Goddess: Blog[…]…

  7. Tyciol says:

    The spice must flow.

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