Video: Swimming with wild dolphins

Some people apparently think I’m “pro-captivity,” just because I published a video on YouTube about swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center in 2004, even though the video made it clear I feel quite equivocal about the place.  So in rebuttal, and in my own defense, here’s something you might find more appealing, an impressionistic video documenting my swim with wild dolphins in April, 2005: Swimming With Dolphins, Part 2: Bimini.

Why, you ask, did it take me 9 years to finally sit down and edit 90 minutes of footage down into a 10 minute film? Out of 7 days in Bimini, we only got to dive with the dolphins once.  Weather conditions hampered our dives on other days.  I had grandiose notions of making a documentary about why people want to swim with dolphins, so I shot a lot of footage of the other people in the group.  They were not always happy with me.  When I got home and saw what an ass I’d made of myself, I got discouraged and put the footage away.  I was not the great documentary filmmaker I thought I was.

Recently, I pulled the footage out to look at it again and see if my initial impression was justified.  Sadly, it was – but I realized nobody would care about the people on the trip; it was all about the dolphins, anyway!  So I decided to dispense with 90% of what I shot, and edit the remaining 10%, throwing away about 80% of that.

I will let the results speak for themselves. Coming next: How Bill Powell got Taiji wrong for Newsweek!

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  1. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Alright Malcolm, mate, how you doing?

  2. Getting by, Jimmy, and getting ready to self-publish a second book even as I am writing a third! Due out in late May, “Growing Up In The Orgone Box: Secrets Of A Reichian Childhood” details my family’s involvement with the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s so-called “orgone energy” and the effect his doctrines of sexual freedom had on my childhood.

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